When it rains.....it pours.....I guess

Hi everyone…I had to make an unexpected visit to my PCP yesterday. I have been experiencing these dizzy spells off & on for a few months now. But, I’d say for the past few weeks I have also been having chest pressure and my left shoulder blade has been killing me. So much so that it is incredibly painful to take a deep breath. I have already been told I have costochondritis and this pressure is different than the costo pain. And my pulse rate has been over 100 several times. My BP is always good…I took my pulse after being in a sitting position for well over 30 minutes and it (pulse) was 108. That’s just not right.

So I did some research and it turns out that my Evoxac can cause rapid heart rate. So called Rheumy’s office. They urged me to see my PCP. I had chest x-ray & EKG done. Chest x-ray looked perfect. EKG looked good…BUT, it was considered abnormal. They found NONSPECIFIC ST T CHANGES so I am being referred to a cardiologist.

My mom has Cardiomyopathy & my maternal grandfather as well (he passed away 18 years ago from it) so I am aware that I have an increased risk of developing heart disease. So I have chosen to go to the same cardiologist as my Mom. I think that is a good idea seeing as how he knows her heart history. My appt is not until Nov 16. But I was told to call once a week & check to see if they have any cancellations so I might get in sooner.
Oh and my PCP suggested I not take my Evoxac until I see my Rheumy on Monday (9/12) just to be on the safe side. So I have stocked up on sugarless hard candy & ACT mouth lozenges.

My Mom was 47 when she was dx with Cardiomyopathy and I am 42. But I know that this could be an array of things from pericarditis to actual early onset of heart disease. So I am trying to stay positive and not freak out yet! lol

Sorry this became a novel!
TIA for reading!
Hope you all have a great evening!!


Evoxac can cause high heart rate? I wonder what the rates are on this? I’m glad that you are being seen and that they are taking you seriously. In the meantime, I’m sorry that you had to stop the med. I would be utterly miserable without it.

Yes it can…it is one of the less common side effects but it can happen. My last dose was Tuesday at 5:30…and yesterday and this morning my heart rate has been in the 70’s & 80"s. Coincidence? Maybe…and believe me…I AM MISERABLE!!! Monday can’t get here fast enough!!!

I am hoping that maybe my Rheumy might be able to shed some light on the Evoxac rapid heart rate thing. But all I know is I either need it back or need to be put on something else!!!

Thanks for your reply!!
Have a nice weekend!

Hope that you can get some answers, thinking of you…

Wow…sorry to hear you are dealing with that. Sounds scary. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

thanks so much!! I was able to get an earlier appt with another Dr that also knows my Mom’s history (he recently put in a pacemaker/defibrillator and had to go back in and take it out…long story) and that appt is this Tuesday. So I am happy about that.

Thanks so much again!!

Thanks so much…my new appt is this Tuesday (9/13) at 2 pm CST. I will update as soon as I can after that!!

Thanks again!!

I am on evoxac as well. I have had a bit of rapid heart beating, even while at rest. I just wish that I had one dr, that would be my captain, instead of referring me to so many other drs. I have no idea whom to call for what??? With all the darn testing for swallowing problems, it was discovered that there is a tumor on my thyroid and a spot on a lung. I had to go to a pulm. and ENT. I have another scan Dec. 3 to see if either have grown or changed? However, not seeing dr. until Jan. 10, as there are not any app. to talk about results with specialist.

Limarie….just popped in to see if there was an update on how you are doing. Hope all is well.
Pz…sounds so scary dealing with all of that at once. I hope that you get some answers soon. Dec 3rd will be here in no time so with any luck, it won’t be a long wait from that.

Awe…thanks so much!!! My cardio work up came back EXCELLENT!!! Was told I have the heart of an 18 year old!! So my cardio dr and my PCP agree that more than likely the SJS is probably attacking my heart & lungs :frowning:

Right now I am currently trying to fight off bronchitis. I have been having a HORRID time with allergies & sinus attacks this fall. Not normal for me at all. Started having to take daily meds to try to prevent attacks…didn’t help. A week ago tonight my chest started feeling tight (after having a bad allergy attack all day) so I took a long steamy shower, watched TWD & went to bed. Woke up Monday morning felt AWFUL!! Called my PCP & got in and got dx with bronchitis!! It literally turned that fast!! Started meds IMMEDIATELY…called PCP back on Wednesday, more meds…went back to PCP on Friday, got steroid shot & an albuterol inhaler and…today, I FINALLY feel like a human being again!!

I hardly ever get sick and BAM right off the bat this year!! I haven’t had bronchitis since I quit smoking (be 20 years in Jan 2017) I honestly feel like SJS is kicking my butt!!! This autoimmune stuff IS NO JOKE!!!

Thanks again for asking about me!!
Hope you are doing well!!

Thinking of you, Limarie, and hope that the bronchitis keeps away…

I went through a stretch like that. It was a couple of years worth of sinus infections, ears, respiratory, you name it. Once they balanced my meds in general that got much better. I hope it gets better for you too. Great news that cardio doc went so well.

Thanks so much! Been taking my plaquenil twice a day everyday (since 7/18/16) 200 mg each time. I have FINALLY noticed SOME improvement but I flair a lot it seems :frowning:

I see my Rheumy again on 12/12 and I have A LOT to discuss with him. I am hoping he will either increase my plaquenil a bit or give me an add on med. I am grateful for feeling a bit better but I think I could be feeling A LOT better tho.

I was relieved about my heart! My maternal grandfather passed away 18 years ago this coming up Friday with heart disease & my mom has it as well. So it is a BIG relief!!

Bed time for this gal!!
Have a great night everyone!!

Thanks so much!! Feeling a bit better everyday!! :slight_smile:
Hope all is well with you!!


That’s good news! :relaxed:

Thanks!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Wow…It really was a big relief for you then.