Welcome Cheryl from Florida!

Hi there @CAS, and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome support board. Even years after a diagnosis, there is always more to learn so I’m glad that you were able to find us! A good category on this board to check out to see what others have experienced with Sjogren’s is linked here. There’s also some great literature that other members have posted here, if you’re feeling up to reading through articles and research.

A lot of these discussions are a few years old, so we would love to hear some fresh discussions if there’s anything on your mind. If you’d like, why not make a post to talk about your experiences so far using ‘+New Topic’ at the top of the webpage, or you could also reply to this topic to say hello to your community. If there’s anything you need tech-wise, this guide here has some pretty helpful videos on how to use this website. I and the other moderators (members with a shield next to their name) are also here to help you get comfortable so let us know if you need anything!

Best wishes for when you can get in to see your rheumatologist, and hope to hear from you soon :grin: