Vitamins & Herbs

Does anyone have any recommendations? Things that have worked well for you.

For any symptoms in particular? I take a lot of different stuff for different things. Since my pancreas is affected from the SS and I get the you-know-whats and gas, I find these 2 homeopaths pretty good -- Podophyllum 30C for diarrhea with gurgling intestines (yuck) and carbo vegetalis 30C for gas from eating.

Take hi potency natural multivitamin that's got everything. Hi doses of calcium and vitamin D. If I go off of these, I really feel it my hair breaks and my fingernails, mouth and eyes get drier, eyelashes fall out..

Trader Joe's Camomile tea calms my nerves better than imipramine (tofranil). Green tea for antioxidents and caffeine. Caffeine helps me and the doc says it's OK. Probiotics because my gut is so messed up from all of the pills.. I'll probably think of more and if I do, I'll post them. There are a lot of herbs that are helpful. Check with your doc to make sure they're compatible with your meds.

I was told to avoid high doses of Vitamin C and echinacea. These stimulate the immune system. Don't want that.

You got to hold on.

I find that Alpha Liporic Acid helps with the symptoms. As a plus, it also lowers my blood sugar (I am a diabetic also.)

Wishing you less pain and more happiness! Hugs from Alabama

I like Stomache Ease Tea from Whole Foods. I take lots of B’s and D3 as well as other things. One doc wants me to take NAC; an overall cancer preventative. We have the Lymphoma concern. Any thoughts?

Hi ladymindful, Here is the discussion that goes into buckthorn oil, which I had never heard of before finding this article. SGoddess uses this!

Nomad, I've been taking the NAC for awhile. That sounds like a good one to take. My acupuncturist told me about it. I think it helps the liver, too, which is so important.

DLT, refresh my memory here, the NAC is like a Methotrexate substitute?

Hi SK - NAC is a natural supplement. On my bottle, it reads "Free Radical Protection and Maintains Cellular Health". NAC is short for N-Acetyl Cysteine.

Oh, okay, thanks, some of my friends on CMT take that! (Charcot Marie Tooth)

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