Urethral pain & painful urination

I have been having urethral pain and painful urination for months. I have seen my family physician and my GYN, both of whom did a urinalysis which didn’t show any infection. I was prescribed Premarin cream to rub on the vaginal area for dryness, which did help some but I still have discomfort. Sex is very uncomfortable. Sometimes I have been unable to sleep at night due to aching in that area. I have tried colloidal silver gel which seems to help a little. It seems to feel worse if I don’t use the gel everyday, but hasn’t cleared it up entirely. Has anyone had any problems like this??

I don’t have experience with this. But have you gone back to your gyn to make them aware that there is not sufficient relief? After that my next step would be a referral to a urologist. The gyn would definitely be first

I have an appt with my urologist next week and I’m supposed to see my GYN the following week for a procedure she hopes will help with the dryness. We shall see…

That’s good that you’re moving forward towards a potential treatment

I had similar symptoms and was on various medications but have finally found that I cannot have coffee at all but the odd decaf is ok. I also drink plain -no sugar at all -cranberry juice and that has helped me. Hope things go well with your appt

Has anyone had any problems like this?

Yes, I found your post while searching this symptom.

Male here, so obviously some anatomical differences apply, but I have trouble with my urethra getting “stuck”. It’s extremely painful, and urologists have not been helpful.

Part of what led me to look into a possible Sjogren’s diagnosis was the feeling that my urethra was getting dried out and effectively blocked. I’m not even sure that Sjogren’s can cause this, but the feeling of dryness and “blockage” is just so similar. @Charlie, is this what you are experiencing?

For me it seems to happen at night in particular, just before bed. The best way I have found to deal with it has been to make sure I go to the bathroom a few times in the hours leading up to bed time. Letting it sit “dry” for too long seems to provoke the problem, so go often if you can.

George, you might want to discuss taking a drug called Pilocarpine (off label) with your doctor. It is often used to increase saliva & tears in Sjogren’s patients but since those are moisture-producing glands, it may also work on the moisture-producing glands in your bladder and urethra.

Are you taking any medications that can cause dry mouth, etc. such as water pills for high blood pressure? Also, if you are drinking alcohol or using alcohol-based mouthwash just before you go to bed, that might be the culprit.