This may not be the place ask this question. I have RA and PsA as well as SS.... But have any of you experienced neuropathy from the meds used for these illnesses, (particularly biologics, which I don't know if you guys are taking. Biologics may be too serious to use for SS.) I've recently been plagued with numbness in my right leg especially thigh but also in toes...then there comes a burning itch and when you scratch it a pain that feels like liquid fire. My husband (who works in the health industry) tells me that biologics can cause this. ....and that if you have it (peripheral neuropathy) then you must not take biologics any more. I saw my doc on Friday (rheumy) and he was so caught up in looking at my recent bloodwork and finding that my liver enzymes are still high after two months off of the biologic meds and the injectible MTX....So he was looking for a med that I could tolerate He found a pill called Otezia which is primarily for PsA. So I forgot to ask him about the peripheral neuropathy. I probably should ask this on the PsA page=---except I vowed never to go back to that page because of the obnoxious moderator there.

I know this is a long shot but have any of you experienced peripheral neuroopathy? I know mostly diabetics get it....but my question is more for those of you taking biologics. If you have experienced it did you have to go off of all your RAD meds?'

Check out this link...very informative

Hey…. I have primary Sjogren's, no other RA, etc and I have neuropathy also. For the SS, I am on Restasis and Plaquenil. My rheumy said that neuropathy can definitely occur as part of SS. The burning pain is one of the things I experience, along with pain & numbness in the hands and an all over prickly feeling at times that is also very painful and nerve wracking. It comes and goes in severity. He is sending me to a neurologist for a workup. As he put it, we need to find out just how advanced my SS is since I am having symptoms like that. I will keep you posted on anything other info I get and please keep us posted too…. It really is an issue that affected Sjoggies.

Hi Cynthia,

I took Enbrel for about 2 years for PsA. I never noticed any side effects from this other than the recurrent infections, that have since stopped, these UTIs also seemed to increase the fatigue.

I have neuropathy in my hands and fingers, but that is directly related to collapsed discs and spinal stenosis/scoliosis in my neck.

Though I'm not a Dr, did anyone think to check you for a blood clot?

BTW, just because I didn't have the same problems, doesn't mean that you aren't. I know how it is when you, or the Doctor, get focused on one thing, and you forget something else. There's ALWAYS something else!