Split fingers

Does anyone have cuts or tears in their fingertips? It hurts and is so sensitive.

Hi I came across your post about split fingers and had to respond i have Been dealing with this problem for a very long time. You are so right it HURTS. I don’t have one finger without a split either onthe tips beside the nail or on nuckle. I have tried everything there is to try. My hands unfortunately are in water Altman that does not help. Do you find that your fingers are not only splitting in the winter? It used to be a cold weather thing for me now it’s all year round. Have you found anything that truly helps?

They do split worse in winter but they do other times too. Sometimes I get antibacterial ointment and band aids and cover each split. Sometimes it is a whole handful of band aids. Bandaid brand makes a super water proof bandaid so I can continue to use my hands. It heals a lot quicker. Works for split heals too.

I get split fingertips and the sides of my thumbs, too. My thumbs look like the sides of my tongue. I tried every lotion on earth and the only one that works for me is Bliss from Sephora. I keep a tube in the kitchen, the bathroom, beside my chair, in my purse and on my nightstand. I put it on several times a day and always before I go to sleep. I've got a bedtime routine: eye drops, nasal saline gel, meds, medicated lip balm, and hand lotion. I do occasionally have to grab a bandage and I particularly like the Nexcare clear waterproof ones. I hope this will be of some help .

Thanks, I will try that brand. I have a long bedtime routine too. Floss,water pick,biotene brush,biotene mouthwash, lip balm ,nose moisturizer ,hand cream mouth guard ,and restasis kinda sad for someone 58 years old. This does not count the meds. But guess it’s better than the consequences. Thank you

Oh yes, mine are split right now. Usually I use Neosporin, but picked up something for split feet that is an Aloe based cream, but you know, nothing really prevents this that I have found.

My thumbs are definately the worst, the outer edges of the nail get hard, like a callous, and then split, and bleed!

I've also tried the white cod liver oil ointments as well, but that is little help either!