Sjogrens flare

Hi everyone
Over the last year as I have become more familiar with my symptoms I have noticed that periodically - after doing too much, injury or stress etc I get a kind of flu like feeling. I have all the symptoms of a really high temperature - aching joints, feeling dizzy, my skin feels sore, headache. Basically the kind of symptoms I would associate with coming down with flu - except it’s not flu because it can come and go in a matter of hours or hang around for days a time. Is this what you would call a flare? I get a but panicked when it happens initially because I feel like I’m going to be really ill ( proper nasty flu? Chest infection I’ll)- but then it seems to settle down - anyone else get this?



This is how I feel pretty much at least half the time. Flu that comes and goes. I have never had a remission to my knowledge but just many years of feeling sort of OK but then it hits again…

I think SS has been with me since I was 25 and had long bouts of laryngitis at this time…

I was officially diagnosed with RA because of positive test but the SS has been with me much Longer. I also have horrible pain when I try to work out. iT has been a difficult path. My latest biologic is Rituxan and doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

Yes, I get it too. That's usually about the time I start checking the glands around my throat and neck. LOL. I guess its a symptom that I am in a flair or heading towards one. i try to take it as a warning to slow down, watch what I eat and get some sleep if I don't want to run into a full blown bout of pain & fatigue. My flairs aren't always the same…sometimes is more the neuropathy with trouble balancing and motor skills too. Lately its been fatigue but that seems to be lifting after more than 3 weeks in. Whatever the deal is with feeling like we are about to get really sick, its annoying but I'm glad others understand it. Makes it feel a little more run of the mill and not so worrisome.