Scleroderma anyone?

Most of us battle something besides Sjogren's, would anyone also have Scleroderma?

Yes! I tested positive for MCTD which in my case includes symptoms of scleroderma & polymyositis. The SC can be very symptomatic and painful for me. Often I am not sure which is which. My ongoing symptom is the skin damage. Looks like minor scar burns. Also I battled chest pains & difficulty catching my breath blah, blah, blah. The list is endless. But thank G-d, my symptoms are currently under control. Key word is “current”.

I believe that genetically scleroderma and SS are very closely related genetically and certainly they both fftect the body by a malfunction in exactly the same parrt of the auto immune system TH17. Lupus is also probably very closely related to these two and often the symptoms of them all overlap significantly.

I don't have Scleroderma but as a quick two cents…..Assybish, you are correct from what the docs here tell me. Lupus, SS and RA are very close genetically. Its quite likely if you have SS you have or will develop one of the other two. (counting my blessings here)

Thanks assybish, it's always so helpful to have the information from someone who has your advanced degrees in medicine and science! You share many similarities to my Rheumatologist, I've learned so much from both of you.

Yes as far as internet info, which my Rheumatologist tells me can be very out of date, it seems that Sjogren's is usually linked to Lupus or RA. That said my Rheum told me that PsA is the most common arthritis in this area, and when I told him that he was also treating my maternal cousin for PsA, he jumped up and made a note of it in his files.

Hello, as I am new to the group, I have Scleroderma, CREST, with all the wonderful things that go along with it. I was dx in 04 as possibly having RA, but it wasn't until a year later that they knew it was Scleroderma. Actually my primary doctor is the one who found it because of the red dots on my hands. That's part of the CREST, I have some outward signs, but mostly mine are all inside, therefore attacking the lungs, heart, etc. Been in and out of the hospital, close calls, but I always fight back. As of now I am fighting with a flare up on my left hand, first finger joint, to the point it is swollen, red and very painful. Had xrays, nothing broken or fractured, just Osteopenia. Which I also have. So it's just a bunch of mumble jumble things that attack every so often. I use oxygen when I need it if I am walking a great distance, or climbing stairs, but I do use it everynight. So this disease has done a number. Along with Sjogren's, Raynauds, it is all part of the family as well as RA, Lupus, Fibromylagia. They are all connected in one form or another. I have this disease for 10 years, and I thank God, everyday that I have because I know it's terminal. As long as I can fight I will, just like all of you. That's the best we can do. Thank you for accepting me into the group. So nice to chat with others battling some form of auto immune diseases. Have a Bless day. xx Northerngram

Yes, I do. I have SSJ, sclerdoma, raynauds, lupus (SLE) and lupus nephritis and other connective tissue diseases. Just had an appt. with a new rheumy in Pitts last Wednesday. Waiting to speak with him on all the bloodwork. My local doc wasn't treating me for the SSJ only the lupus. Still need to get a new kidney doc tho. I was diagnosed last year but just now getting a new treatment plan in place to address all issues. It is all so overwhelming and complicated. How long have you been diagnosed with it?