RA connection to periodontal disease

Hi all,

Today I was reading an article on Rheumatologists.org about the connection between periodontal disease (PD) and RA and it seems that PD can worsen RA and decrease sensitivity to treatments for our RA. I hate going to dentists because I have TMJ and horrible teeth… I!m having some extractions tomorrow… I can floss, water pick and brush and my teeth still just decay.

Rheumatologists.org has all the newest research on RA, it’s free.
Since my RA and SS are so alike I think this will translate to many autoimmue conditions.

I’ve had more dental problems. Like you I do everything I’m supposed to to care for my mouth. Every time I go for a checkup there’s a new cavity in the few “real” teeth that are in my head! Mine are mostly caps and bridges!

I’m not surprised since all the inflammation is bound to cause PD. I do get inflamed gums that bleed when I brush. Sensadyn does help and so does peroxide rinses. Good luck at the dentist. Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the toothpaste and peroxide rinse idea…Dentists are making a fortune on us.
Dental visits are always bad news for me. My husband doesn’t think I am brushing and flossing correctly, he doesn’t deal with these problems and really can’t understand them…

I have the same problem. Now the dentist says that due to the RA my teeth are very thin and I must have a bonding procedure on all of my front teeth if I an to save them otherwise they will break. My gums are also in horrible shape and I try to take good care of my teeth. Ugh

I had one lower bottom tooth just snap in half. It was black inside and you could see it when ever I talked. Luckily a dentist fixed it with resin for $350… That’s the cheapest I ever got away with.
Living with these autoimmue diseases is harder then most people will ever know.