Questions about blood results?

Hi everyone ,
I recently had labs checked and my Platelet count was alerted as HIGH?
Anyone else have this issue when getting blood results? This is the second time in the last 4 months i’ve had a high platelet count … I know results of cells fluctuate with this SS and lupus disease but never had issue with platelet count . Anyone else have this issue? Or can anyone give me any advice on what to do next, if anything??

I just asked Dr. Google about this; research is one of my “things”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked for high platelets (aka. Thrombocytosis) in Lupus and Sjogrens and it doesn’t seem to be a common thing for either. The high level can be an indication of many things, but it seems like we need more information to go on. What I mean is that there should be other labs out of whack as well, or some symptoms to go with it.

One thing about lab values to note is this, sometimes a little out of range doesn’t mean anything because the ranges of “normal” can vary from lab to lab. So, for example, what might be a normal value at one lab, is 2 points higher at another.

What has your doc said? Have they taken the time to discuss this with you? If not, call them and find out what it means. Usually, if there is something concerning, the doc will call and talk to you about what the next steps are.

I’m sorry you’re worried. That can be terribly frustrating. I hope you get some answers soon, and wish I could have been more helpful. :slight_smile:

Hi Niki,

As you know, labs are not my strong point, I just don't know enough about them to even attempt it. I did find this article that does go into detail about results for those with Lupus, and in one instance they even mentions Lupus combined with Sjogren's, so this may help indirectly.

If all fails, call the Doctor and ask them to explain what it means to you!

As always, I wish you the best,


BTW, I sent purplebutterfly a note, she has Lupus as well, and hopefully can help!

I just noticed that GrumpyCat has responded too! Hopefully you will get some answers, but we both seem to agree that you should find out what the Dr says!

Hi Niki

I often have a high platelet count. Mine is from my body not ridding itself of cells like it should. You can call your doctor and tell them your concern. My lupus doctor draws blood every 3 months and we keep a check on things.

Several things can cause labs to be high or low.

I have high platelets, RBC, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit. Doctor is watching to see if they may be an indication of Hemochromatosis. I did some research and found that they could also be caused by dehydration in the body. I hope it is the latter. I do need to drink more water for sure. Let us know what you find out about the high count.

Thank u guys, for all your input :wink: I know it’s pretty “normal” for us to have out of whack labs, i am just concerned because I never before had a High Platelet count and it makes me a bit nervous… I do have slight anemia and of course some high and low white cells ( neutrophils low) some others High… I do know it’s cause im full of inflammation but this time the platelet thing is troublesome to me and I also have a low BUN/CREATINE level and high C-Reactive too… Anyway i dont see my rhuemo till october 24th and my PCP is clueless or just writes it off as me just having messed up labs everytime, so going to him is kinda a waste of time. I guess im afraid it’s some other “new diagnosis” …


I'm still pretty new to all this, since I was just diagnosed with Sjogren's (although I have been dealing with it for at least a year). But in all the blood tests I've had, my platelet count has been all over the place. I was kind of worried too because in some tests mine was flagged as being high. I noticed it being high I think twice. But then my doctor at the time told me that it was normal for it to fluctuate, and he showed me what my tests had been earlier and it varied widely. My count has been up and down, all over the place. So I think sometimes it can be "normal" for the platelet count to be a little above the reference range. If it's really far above the reference range and is consistently very high, then that might be a concern. Otherwise, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.