Prolia and Sjogrens Syndrome

Hello everyone,

I’m new here so hope my post arrives in the right place.

Was wondering whether anyone, following a shot of Prolia for osteoporosis developed SS?

I have not been diagnosed but suffer:

Dreadful fatigue, can hardly drag myself around
Dry eyes, mouth, hoarse voice
Peripheral neuritis in toes
Hair loss
Aching joints
Feel like I’ve aged 20 years.

Have set an appointment for the doctor for referral to rheumatologist.

Thank you all for being there and sorry about blunt post. I am feeling so depressed.

Hey Steely, no need to apologize for a blunt post here! I’m sure you will get some helpful responses soon, hang in there you are not alone.

Meli from Mod Support

Sorry I can’t help you with the Prolia question, steely, but getting this diagnosis hits people hard, so we have had quite a few discussions about dealing with that. There’s a couple of articles which have been mentioned before on here which members have found helpful, here’s some links:
13 Types of Fatigue:

Spoon Theory:

At least everyone on here understands, and that in itself is a help. Hope that you find the articles interesting, and that hopefully other members can help with the Prolia question.

Not familiar with Prolia but the symptoms are very familiar. Good luck with the upcoming appointment. I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you.

Welcome aboard! No need to apologize, we feel you. Hope you get diagnosed quickly, it does sound like an autoimmune disorder… We are here for you, girl. Our prayers and good vibes go out to you. Keep us posted!

Thank you everyone for your replies and apologies late response, think I went into denial and didn’t want to look at it. Haven’t even been to the doctor yet.

I’m now getting big itchy hives on my arm alongside little red dots sprinkled around my ankles. Is this typical of Sjorgens? My neighbour has a dermatological disorder and I put some of her cortisone cream on the hives which helped with itch.

The hives lasted about two weeks and though greatly reduced still have fading red welts. I am definitely seeing the doctor next week.

Thank you all for your replies, my heart goes out.

Skin rashes can be down to sun sensitivity with Sjogrens- see this link:

Also Lupus and Sjogrens can be linked, and rashes are common with Lupus- we see quite a few members on here with both AI conditions. Definitely worth seeing your doctor.