Preparing for Holidays/Events

So many of us have over lapping conditions that i thought it would be nice to share things we do to prepare for special outings like graduations, 4th of July. One of our members on fibro found this article I decided to share parts of it with you. Stay Comfortable Throughout the Day When it comes to preventing sensory overload, your first line of attack will be a medication that depresses the signals in the nervous system. Unfortunately, local creams or other topical therapy for individual discomforts won’t have the thorough and lasting effects that you need. Instead, consider a medication to alter the spinal cord’s pain inhibitory system (like Cymbalta) or a drug that can limit the number of sensory signals that reach the nervous system (like Lyrica or Neurotonin). Big events can mean long days, and that can bring fatigue and aching pain along with the sensory overload. Prepare for a lengthy outing with some helpful accessories and approaches: NSAIDs and gentle muscle relaxants. Pack some pain medication to take care of any acute pains that may strike, but check with your doctor to ensure they will be safe and effective alongside the meds you are taking to stifle your overactive nervous system. Take time to stretch and relax. It’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in the celebration, but stiff or exhausted muscles mean more aches and pains. Gentle stretches will help, so remind yourself to do some range of motion exercises here and there. Stand up and walk around a few times each hour, too. Practice good posture. A physical therapist can show you techniques to strengthen the muscles around your spine and keep your body aligned, so you don’t put undue pressure on certain areas. Be aware of your posture, wherever you are and whatever you happen to be doing. Many patients and therapists find that better posture reduces the frequency of flare-ups. You’ll get more relief when you tailor your treatment to your own body and symptoms and that means you’ll need to determine what situations are particularly uncomfortable for you. Before the big bash, consider going out to a busy park, restaurant or other busy event to see how your body handles the sensory stress. If you can figure out what triggers and tames the discomfort now, you’ll be better prepared for Independence Day. copied from

Good reminders, pb! Thanks!