Possible Misdiagnoses?

A while back I posted that my rheumy said he thought I had fibromyalgia too because of all the twitches and chronic muscle spasms. He gave me 300 mg a day of gabapentin. When I told hime it wasn't getting rid of all the twitches and spasms, he upped the dose to 900mg a day.

I am still having the problem more than a month after tripling my meds. Being frustrated with almost constant twitching, especially in my face, I googled if plaquenil had twitch/spasms as a side-affect. Lo and behold, every link that came up said it is a well known symptom! Why didn't my rheumy tell me it was a possible cause?! He is not new to rheumatology or internal medicine.

Anyway, now I have to decide whether I want to keep taking a medication which is highly addictive to only partially help the side-affects of plaquenil. I know I will tell my dr what i discovered, no matter what I decide, because I am shocked he didn't mention it.

I know doctors are only human but this is a biiiig mess-up to me. Now I have to worry about withdrawals, etc. I am not mentioning this to be a complainer. I want others to know the risk of their doc making the same mistake. ASK QUESTIONS!

Talk to your doctor about this further. Virtually everything is listed as side effects of meds. Some are common and expected, and some are included because everything that showed up during testing must be included, not excluding death. There can be neurological problems associated with SS, so I would bring up your concerns with your doctor.