Plugged tear ducts

I've been hearing a lot about you all getting your tear ducts plugged. I'm curious about that. Doesn't the moisture we have (whatever little there is of it) come from our tearducts? Wouldn't you stand to LOSE moisture this way?

What purpose does it play?
Who does it?

How do they do it ? Does it hurt?

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

The tear ducts are where the tears drain, into the nostril. Check out this graphic at

Here is a website that explains how tears form -

So the goal of getting your tear ducts plugged is to keep whatever moisture is in your eyes from draining out too fast. There are different types of plugs, as well as permanent ways to seal the tear ducts. I have plugs, and found it slightly uncomfortable for a moment, and I could only feel them at all for a couple of hours. I've done really well with them so far. I had them put in about 6 months ago, and they have stayed in with no problems. I would know if I lost a plug, because then I would have no tears in my eyes, ever. The only inconvenience for me is that my eyes now water a bit too much, and the tears run down my cheeks. But considering how horrible my eyes felt without them, I'm willing to accept that.

that is interesting. So did you end up with both eyes plugged? or none at all? I will may be mention that med...especially if things get worse.

That's good. I take evoxac, but it definitely works better for my mouth. No side effects though, so I guess it's a bit of a trade off there.