Physical Therapy and Oxy

These are the two things which are keeping me going right now. My dry eyes and mouth aren't very annoying at the moment. I hate the fact that I know there is a flare up waiting in my future. I hate thinking about it and I just wish it would just NOT happen.

I am walking better because of the PT, he says my main problem is 'strength', or lack of it in my hips and knees. So I have daily exercises and stretches. I'm stretching every morning and it helps, only takes a half hour, so I just think of it as another part of my morning routine.

I hope I'm able to keep up with the PT and my routine. The brushing and flossing and the netti pot and drinking the elderberry tea in the winter. Which helps.

There are times when the depression hits and I don't feel like doing anything. I begin the, just one day of not brushing 4 times a day won't matter. But I know it does. I floss in the morning because I'm too tired at night to do it and my dental hygienist said, as long as its done once every 24 hours, I'm cool. She flosses in the morning also. :)

Eyes haven't been too dry, pain is under control. So, I guess I'm pretty good. I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow morning, so we shall see how the Plaquenil is doing.

See my RA again in January, she seems to think I should be doing better than I am. But I'm good. Pain is just something I deal with daily. It's usually a 1 or 2 for the past few days. As I said, I'm good.

Believe me, when things get rough, I'll let you all know.

I hope everyone is ok. That life is ok and that SS is dealable.