New to the site

I just found this site and have enjoyed reading the discussions and member information. I've been struggling the past few months with lots of different symptoms. I've had 17 doctor visits in the last 3 months. I've had pain all over, dry mouth and eyes. I've lost 6 teeth in the last 4 months due to my dry mouth. I finally got diagnosed with Sjogren's which has helped relieve some of the stress. I got started on Prednisone and Placquinal. I'm already on Enbrel for RA. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my teeth. My dentist wants to pull all of them and put dentures with implants in. The price tag is around $50,000 which is out of my price tag. Seems pretty outrageous.


I share your diseases and the pain. I wouldn’t I do the dental work he’s offering. I had a similar offer and the work done was horribly painful and took over a year to heal.

The worse part was it all fell out within two years. What they don’t tell you is they fail in healthy patients. Dentists charge prices with no guarantee of there work…it’s called robbery!

That's exactly what I'm worried about. I could have all my teeth pulled and have implants and be no better off than I was before. I've read too where it fails and again you've spent so much and went through all of that to what end. The dentist and oral surgeon tell me that the results are really good and there is a low probability of failure. That's not what I've read on the internet. People with arthritis and diabetes don't heal well and have a higher chance of failure. Sometimes I just think they are in it for the money.