New info on Plaquinil from retina specialist

According to the retina specialist I saw Wednesday, Plaquinil is much less toxic to retinas now. He told me that my retinas were in great shape, and that since that particular DMARD is far less toxic to the retinas now, that if I begin taking it, I would not need to be checked again for 5 years! This is good news for all of us!

Thank you for sharing this! Did he say why? And does anyone know if there's an average time it can be taken?

From what I gathered, 5 years seemed to be the safe limit, at least for now!

Wow…that is big. I've only been on it about a month and a half but I am starting to notice subtle changes so I'm very hopeful. Great to hear there may not be the big concern looming overhead.

Yes, hearing this eased my mind, what's left of it anyway!

Great info! :slight_smile: that means one less specialist visit per 6 months for us all! Lol :wink: