Neurological Complications of Sjogren's

Quite a few with TN or other cranial nerve pain! My deepest sorrow to hear of this! It's a monster, my S-I-L suffers this!

Kaz, I’ve been trying to spread the word about the compounded cream. I’m kinda friendly with the local compounding pharmacist who told me she had used this cream on others with ATN with great results. My neuro didn’t have experience with it and I asked him to call her. The meds I was taking by mouth were destroying my stomach. I had to take anti nauseas medication constantly! I take Desipramine tablets and use the cream 4x a day rubbed on my face on the right side daily. In the cream is the following: Capsacin 0.025/ Lido 5/ Gabapentin 6. Not sure exactly what that means.
I use an OTC Capsacian for my foot…and yes, I’ve burned myself. Anyway, the facial cream along with the tricyclic tablet has worked very very well. I try to tell folks. It was weird ow it worked. I felt a little dizzy first two days. Then I didn’t feel anything for a good ten days. Then, one day I woke up with less pain. Then a few days after that…voila! As long as I don’t forget to use it and don’t experience a trigger like a cold breeze, I’m pretty much fine and no brain fog,etc. it is a little expensive and it might be permanent. In my case, it was clear cut bad dental work, but I believe from seeing so many others with SS that I may have had some propensity for it. I just wish, of course, there wasn’t a screw up as well…maybe it never would have happened. Very upsetting and I’m very angry about it.

No, doesn’t state this. Based on how badly I reacted to Lyrica, Cymbalta, Neurontin and Trileptal…and how I’m doing fine with the cream…it might be a very good option for you and others. It is pretty much a miracle for me!

I have occasional bouts of Occipital Neuralgia presenting as "ice pick headaches", and good old brain fog.

I get those headaches about once a month - they are the absolute worst! So sorry to hear you have them too. : (
lilacs said:

I have occasional bouts of Occipital Neuralgia presenting as "ice pick headaches", and good old brain fog.

Ill try.
It is made at a compounding pharmacy and honestly, I think the owner put it together for me and suggested it to the neuro. It is almost impossible to get her on the phone these days. I introduced her to a super popular and very large neuro group here as well as gyno group. Im happy for her. I hope to stop by the shop and speak with her.