My hair is dry, brittle, & breaking


So, I decided to grow my hair out again after getting a short pixie cut for the first time ever. My health has gotten worse over the last year. As it’s been growing out, I’ve been keeping it up a lot. Now, I make sure I treat it right…wear it up when I’m sleeping so, it doesn’t break as easily…never brush it when it’s wet…when I do brush, I brush from the bottom up and I never wash it every day.

At any rate, I’ve noticed that, not only do I have my short hair …baby hair I gues you’d say, that never grows and is always frizzy, I’ve noticed that my hair had been breaking all over and I’ve got tons of frizzies!! So, I’ve started using some coconut oil on my hair and using some Pantene smoothing shampoo and their 3 minute miracle…but now I may wondering if I might have to keep short hair?

What’s y’all experience? Any tips? Am I doomed to the short hair life???


That’s frustrating. My hair does well overall but I can imagine how frustrating this is. It may just be the cycle of hair growth that you’re in, and you certainly could see a dermatologist who specializes in hair issues.

The other option certainly is to keep it short, but it would be nice to feel like it’s a choice.