My aching hands

Last year I noticed my hands were getting a little stiff, but didn’t give it much thought. Then…a few months ago I started having difficulty with zippers,buttons even holding a pen. Now every day my hands hurt. The heating pad helps some.
I was tested and do not have RA, and the Dr wrote me a RX for a sonogram of my hands.
Should I get a sonogram to tell me my hands hurt? Does anyone else have this problem?


My hands hurt all the time. I can’t open a can, use scissors or write. I have RA, SS and several other auto immune diseased. I have had x-rays but no sonogram.

My x-rays showed that my bones were fine. I don’t know what a sonogram would show but I guess I could have the test done. I have been taking advil for the pain, but it ain’t cutting it…
Are you prescribed any medication for this? It’s embarrassing to have my children open the child proof caps on my medicine bottles for me.

I have heard of ultrasound being used to look for inflammation. It shows soft tissue, which x rays don’t do. It sounds like your doctor is pretty on top of things. Any test, you should feel free to ask your doctor why the doctor is ordering the test, and how the results might impact treatment.

I’ve had problems with my hands for quite some time, including having had trigger finger surgery on my thumb, and a tightening up of the joint at the base of the thumb. I’m now struggling with more pain and damage. So I’ve got some tips. First off, Occupational therapists can be super helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask for a prescription for therapy. There are lots of tools that can be used too. As an example, I use spring loaded scissors that I can use with either hand and don’t need to pull open. My mom recently got me the purrfect opener ( )
There are lots of tools that you can use to make things easier on your hands. Big key grips, door handles instead of knobs, and on and on. There are compression gloves too, which some people really like. I’ve used them with some degree of success. With the right tools, writing instruments, etc, you may find that things become much easier.

Thanks Stoney,
Great advice,
When I’m writing you the writing is so pale I can barely see it. iS there away to darken it?

Check out this site for some pen ideas at

An occupational therapist would also be able to help out.

When my hands started hurting and swelling I started on Celebrex twice a day 100 mg.
That was 8 years ago my disease has progressed and now they hurt all the time


Stoney said:

Check out this site for some pen ideas at

An occupational therapist would also be able to help out.

I will check out your ideas Stony…Thanks again.

Stoney gave great ideas. I will only add that I have had sonograms done on my hands, etc also. They are able to show inflammation or fluid buildup so it can really help where other tests won't. I only have SS, no RA but I do have regular arthritis in my hands now (and knees, and shoulder, LOL.) It also showed bursitis in the hips. We were able to come up with a plan of attack based on what the ultrasounds showed.