Memory loss, confusion andand speech impakrment

I have had the brain for (confusion) often during the past year. I have had short term memory often as well, like when I am doing something I have done for years I suddenly forget how to do it. It usually only lasts 5 or 10 minutes but is disconcerting. Lately I am having trouble talking. I know what I am trying to say but sometimes words I am not thinking come out. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for major typos. I am using a new phone and am not used to it yet

I am having the same problem! It keeps happening to me at work, it’s pretty embarrassing

Yes. I've definitely dealt with all of that. It is worse with fatigue. I hate to sound like a broken record but talk to your doc. It may help you to write down things that are happening and when. Maybe note what the days before and the day of the event was like…. Between my rheumy and neuro we've got mine more under control so there is hope. I do hear you though about how scary it can be. Please keep up posted about how you are doing.

I have learned that "brain fog" is a common symptom for many people. For me some days are not so good and then the next day I am hitting on all cylinders. I try to remember that this will come and then go and try to be patient with myself. It sure if frustrating, at times.