Lilacs started a new group, 'teens and young adults with Sjogren's'

Please join her in discussing the unique challenges this disease poses to the young!

Great idea lilacs! I applaud your initiative!

Thank you for highlighting this, SK! I thought to make the group and hopefully meet other young people with Sjogren's who may currently be members, and also for those who may be browsing the website or Google searching, it could provide them with an option for a forum where they can share their voice amongst other young people with their illness. Wow run-on sentences!

Love it!

BTW, It's called 'flow writing', or even 'gushing'! ha! I do the same, the mile long, never ending sentence! ha!

Haha I'm shocking with it! I hadn't heard of those terms for it before. I like flow writing. Sounds pretty, rather than "I just don't have the brain power right now to figure out how to split this up into more than one long sentence so deal with it".

You communicate very well, and that's what counts! Sometimes my fingers are stiff and swollen, so it's misspelled, or improperly spaced, sometimes I can't get my thoughts out straight! I seemed to be all 'mind tied' yesterday, nothing came out the way I wanted to, hope it won't carry into today!

We are very lenient and understanding with each other, thankfully!

You're doing very well here, and we are glad to have you lilacs!

That sounds frustrating, I have days like that too where my fingers just won't co-operate. It's the days when that happens combined with brain fog where I just end up writing off any kind of typing whatsoever, haha. Thank you, the warm welcome has been very appreciated and I'm enjoying being a part of the community on here.

Hello. Would love to check in for my daughter age 19. 20 in July 2020.with sjogrens. Dry eye dry mouth. Fatigue. In 2nd yd engineering program at local University. Living at home.a lot of stress changing her symptoms.

Hi there Waterdowner! Glad you’re here to support your daughter and learn more about Sjogren’s. This thread is a bit old though, (and unfortunately it looks like the original ink isn’t even working anymore, whoops!). I’ll start a new topic on your behalf though, asking to discuss more about how younger patients handle their symptoms!