Let’s say hello to Sheryl from Minnesota



Hi there, Sheryl

Welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome Support.

I am happy to hear that you finally received a diagnosis, but isn’t it difficult to get to this point. How are your current medications working for you? How are you feeling overall? I can see that you have already posted in the community, which is wonderful. Please give me a shout if anything on the site seems confusing or unclear.

Hope to hear from you soon,



Thank you Danielle! I go in for my 1st iron infusion today. Hopefully this will get the anemia under control. Still trying to find the right medications. I am so glad I found this wonderful community.


Hi there,

Thanks for the update. How did the iron infusion go? I hope you find the right combination of medications soon!



Hi Danielle,
They went ok, pretty nauseous for several days after but no allergic reaction. Which for me is huge as I have weird allergies. Hopefully they kick in and I start feeling better than I currently feel. Thank you for checking on me, this group is so amazing and caring it really helps. :heartbeat:


Hi there,

Yuck… so sorry to hear that you dealt with nausea, but what a relief that you did not experience an allergic reaction. I am so happy to hear that you are finding support in this community!

I hope you are feeling more comfortable this week.