Learning to accept SS and living with it

Im still fairly new to this , I was diagnosed about 4 months ago. Some symptoms i’ve had a very long time but they were never connected to SS until now. It was very depressing at first , then I started trembling , at first it wasn’t bad but as time goes its getting worse. I saw my doctor who is setting me up with a neuro. Parkinsons is on both sides of my family so of course the depression just got worse. My wife and I are raising and adopting 3 young grandchildren who had less then perfect parents. We have had them 12 years now. My wife is a cancer survivor. Cancer free nearly 2 years now. We have both realized its better to learn to live with our medical issues and try to improve our health then it is to let depression ruin your life. Our little girls need us.

Depression is not unusual with a new medical diagnosis, and it sounds like you’ve really got your hands full. Congratulations to your wife on being 2 years cancer free!
In terms of the depression, I would encourage you to deal with this directly.

Thank You. Ive been treated for depression since 1991 and have done well , until now. Dealing with symptoms isnt bad with the exception of fatigue and brain fog. I get confused , lost forget. It may require more meds or therapy to deal with increased depression.

You may also find that if you’re put on a med like plaquenil or other disease modifying med that your depression may ease up. The inflammation itself seems to worsen depression as well.

Yes, I can empathize. And yes, it’s easy to be told not to be anxious or depressed, but it’s really hard not to dwell on the situation. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and only now am I beginning to feel the real physical effects. I’m not on medication for anything, but the inflammation can really make each day difficult.