Interstitial nephritis

Anyone with interstitial nephritis from pSS? Have you had a renal biopsy? Was it bad? Did u improve with steroids and mycofenilate?

You can do a search on the site for this. Is there a connection to Sjogren’s syndrome?

Yes, I’ve read that 5-25% of pSS patients develop renal involvement. I’m still going through the work up, but basically my rheumatologist noted my Creatinine was going up, potassium down and I had 1+ protein in the urine. So I was referred to the nephrologist who has done a lot of lab work but said I had renal tubular acidosis from interstitial nephritis, that it was likely from the sjogrens and we would talk about renal biopsy next time if the lab work didn’t turn up anything else. From what I’ve read, treatment is steroid and mycofenilate or steroids and rituximab.

I feel depressed. Like I have no control of this disease that is attacking a new body system every year. You know, cancer treatment has come so far and they have these really cool new drugs now that can suppress and sometimes cure certain types of cancer. Doesn’t it seem like it should be so simple to block these 2 little viscous antibodies ???

I go through ups and downs with it. It’s a down week, when I worry about what age I will be when I get lymphoma. More cavities. Kidneys failing. my kids…

I’m going to work on being grateful starting today, try to get out of feeling sorry for myself :slight_smile:

I hear you. I met with my neurologist last week. He was telling me that of course I have small fiber neuropathy, pretty much everyone with Sjogren’s has it. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m in a bad patch too, but trying to keep on keeping on. Multiple diagnoses, and dealing with a broken foot on one side, and a broken big toe on the other side. The broken foot is an old break, probably about 4 months old, and may wind up needing surgery.

I usually find that once I’m through the worst of the crisis, even if it means dealing with a new diagnosis, that I can manage fairly well with it. I wish you luck.