How to survive the weather

Ok it’s me looking for ways to survive the heat! It’s 83 here right now and we are not in June. I just barely sweat and it is impossible to get cool. Last night I lost count how many times I got up because I was hot. The tiny fan just didn’t cut it and I had to put my rickety a/c in this afternoon. I think I will beg my boss tomorrow to put the a/c on while I am there.

Last year I managed but this year I am off to a rough start. How do you all cope?

I have a similar problem. It is hot where we live, mid 80s at the moment…sometimes upper 80s. I have the AC on all the time now. Starting two months ago, I started analyzing my wardrobe so that I had something cool and appropriate to wear for just about all occassions I think you should consider telling your boss that on June 1st for health reasons the AC needs to be on at least from 10 am to 4 pm , if not all day. I have great trouble when we visit family in another area of my state. Wow! We just got back and it was 90 degrees. Even with AC, I was hot. And every summer I feel overly heated and tired there. I drink lots and lots of water , but it barely helps. Anyone have problems with extreme heat? Any solutions???

I am also having more trouble with the heat this year than i have in the past. I try not to go out during the day. I have the air on but am worried about the electric bill this summer. I try and drink plenty of water and dress cool.

Hi Cassi,

I was just going to post something along these lines. We are under the heavy rains again, and it started out steaming hot! The heat and humidity made you feel like you're in a pot of boiling water!

This is a cottage type home with low ceilings, electric baseboard heaters, so no vents or places to put vents for central A/C, so we opened the windows since the window shakers are not installed yet, and left both bedroom windows open all night.

Big mistake! It turned cold and the rains continued, and it settled into me during the night, I woke up the bedding felt soaked, I was soaked, cold and feeling like I've been beaten with a ball bat! Today is pouring rain and barely 50 degrees! BRRR! But it's better than the heat and humidity, at least you can get somewhat comfortable, by adding clothing, closing windows.

To top it all off, everything is bright green with pollen, and I'm hacking constantly! So if you're wondering what happened to me, there you go! I feel like the posted child for all of those adjectives we were throwing around last week!

How miserable SK!

I only have one window in my bedroom and it faces an alley. The house are very close to each other (2ft). There is no air circulation and I get really uncomfortable and it would be even worse if I had rain settling in! I understand purple butterfly and nomad’s concern about the utility bill. Last year I tried to endure but this year my skin mouth and eyes are drier and making me miserable.

Well, we can only hope for the best. Thank goodness we have each other for support.

Like my mom and grandmother, I am sensitive to any air blowing on me. Who would have thought I would be digging out winter clothes May 29 and 30? Wish I could live without any cold, drying air! Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia, if I list everything wrong with me people think I'm a head case! ha!

Yes, I understand the utility bill concerns too, our electric is out of site every month! Hopefully we will get somewhat of a break!

Many years ago we lived in a house with no air conditioning. My sister moved in for a while and had the hottest room in the house. As a joke I got her this tiny little fan (about the size of a baseball) and told her it would really help cool her room down. A few days later she said she loved the fan! She set it at the end of the bed pointed at her feet. She had figured out if her feet were cooled off, her body would too. And you know, it really works. I've done it myself when I'm flopping around in a sweaty wet bed. During the day we have these bandana looking things to put on the back of the neck, that you wet or put ice in or something and they cool you down just like the fan on the feet. Both things will cool your body down so you can sleep better. I hope this helps somebody.

I used to have one of those bandana things. I should get a new one. I think I remember seeing them in a local sports supply store.
Thanks for the reminder