Hi Anthony, Welcome

Hi there @ZakariQ , and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support board. I’m Julie, one of the interns with BensFriends. How have you been doing lately? I took a look at your profile - glad that you were able to have a diagnosis after all this time. Although getting diagnosed with a disease isn’t always the best news, I can see how it can be relief after so long of not having much of an idea of what could be causing your symptoms.

Have you been navigating the website okay? Sjogren’s syndrome can definitely be somewhat of a mystery, so our members have been able to ask, answer, and relate with other members who can better understand what things are like from the patient’s perspective.

I saw on your profile that you’re looking at different treatment options, so if you haven’t already found it I think that the symptoms and treatments category might be a good place to take a look at what other people have posted (or where you can post your own questions!).

We’re here to support you through your experiences with Sjogren’s. Getting diagnosed with an uncommon condition can be pretty overwhelming, so if you’re looking for someone who can relate, we’ll always be here to listen. Looking forward to seeing you in our community!


Welcome Anthony! I know that three years may seem like forever, but for a man ultimately diagnosed with Sjogrens, that’s not bad. You’re here now at least, and that’s a positive.

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