Hair loss and your brush

Certainly autoimmune diseases are a factor in hair loss, certainly the meds are, at least for me, but my hair brush was too. At the advice of my beautician, I changed brushes to 'the wet brush', that I purchased there in the shop.

I've used this for one week and have less hair in the brush after a week than I did when using the old one once. It can be used on wet or dry hair.

What is a wet brush?

Hi GuinevereP,

Just click the link above, it shows a picture of the brush, and if you read the product details, it explains that it is a detangler that helps prevent hair breakage and loss.


I loSe hair really bad. Handfuls in the shower. It’s real bad. More so when I develop the rash flare up on my scalp which stays dry like dandruff.

thanks so much, I keep finding my hair all over; maybe this will help. Warmest regards, Sabra

Delina, What meds are you taking? Could they be causing your hair loss? Do you have another autoimmune disease besides Sjogren's?

I have also had the most beautiful thick long wavy hair, but due to SS and menopause it is starting to fall out a lot more so I take a vitamins called( hair skin and nails) and it works a treat,,, I also only use a product called ( Oil of Morocco) shampoo and conditioner ,, and leave in conditioner it is expensive but lasts months and months, and does not strip hair of the natural oils in the scalp sometimes you have to increase your iron in take as well ,,

I take biotin, found in health food stores for hair loss

It is $8.99 on

Thanks for the tip!

I use the "wet brush" on my dog. Didn't realize it was also for human hair. My hair loss is extreme. I wear wigs and hairpieces now.