Gundry Plant Paradox/ Lectin-Free diet


Has anyone tried the Dr. Gundry Lectin-free diet? I finished reading his Plant Paradox book and feel optimistic that his clinical trial with autoimmune patients had a 90% success rate for taking people off their meds. I’ve had previous success with Gluten free and dairy free, but was already eliminating these from my diet by the time I was diagnosed with Sjogrens, so it obviously wasn’t doing enough. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Lectin-free diet, it removes gluten, most dairy, potatoes, rice, corn nightshades, many fruits, many types of oils, peanuts, cashews, and beans, and has additional requirements for the type of chicken(pasture raised), eggs(omega 3), and fish(wild caught) you can eat. It also involves taking various vitamins and doing intermittent fasting. It’s going to be super difficult to adhere to these restrictions, but I say its worth it if it reduces my Brain fog, fatigue, low-grade fevers, intestinal issues, and reduces my chances of developing additional autoimmunes(I’m high risk for lupus). I would love to hear about other people’s experiences/challenges/success with this diet if you’ve tried it!


How long would you have to stick with it to determine if it’s helping? That’s a super restrictive diet indeed.


Hi Stoney! I think the amount of time it takes varies from person to person. I’m starting with his 3 day cleanse(optional part of the diet). It still involves solid food(green smoothie, salads or veggies with 4oz of chicken or fish, and avocados on romaine for a snack). Apparently the cleanse will speed up the results, and then the next phase will be at least 6 weeks(but he recommends staying on this phase for people with autoimmune). The following phase consists of reintroducing some lectins, but some people do end up staying in Phase 2 indefinitely


Update if anyone reads this later on! I’ve been following the “spoon theory” lately and it’s very hard not to use up all of my spoons on meal prep/finding things I’m allowed to eat after having not prepped meals ahead of time. Before this I was getting heathy takeout for most meals(GF and dairy free but not lectin free) I’m definitely out of spoons and have been crippled with fatigue, parotid, and neck aches today. I hope it’s a good use of my spoons, but we will see.
Fingers crossed this is all worth it


So you are starting to see some results? Or you’re so exhausted from meal prep that you can’t tell?


Seeing excellent results with brain fog clearing up and have had the best gastro health I’ve had in years. I think my flare up over the past few days was triggered by exhaustion from doing too many things in a day, not enough sleep, and having a few drinks on the fourth of july(the diet allows some alcohol in moderation). After I started seeing positive results I acted like the diet was giving me extra spoons, and ended up overexerting myself.

I’m learning that this diet is not a substitute for self care, so I have to make time to cook and get plenty of rest. For the past year, I’ve been mostly eating takeout because grocery store runs and cooking are pretty tiring. I think for someone who already prepares their own food, this wouldn’t feel as draining because Gundry’s recipes really are quite simple. After 2 days of rest I’m already feeling better and ready to keep fighting the good fight.