Going Crazy (crazier?)

I agree about his staff. Dr. Kahlid is from India himself, and at times, hard to understand.

Having surgery would be great, but with my weight, I doubt they will do it. A catch 22 thing. I think I’m going to be in a great deal of pain for awhile. (Sigh) I’m on a diet right now. It’s hard but needed. It’s the “let’s make sure mom can’t eat anything over 1200 calories” diet. Seems to be working, especially since I can’t ruin the diet by cheating. I can’t get to the kitchen to cheat. LOL

gentle hugs

LOL…hang in there and don't lose hope. She got to a point where she could do therapy before the surgery….. partly because the stronger you are going in, the faster the recovery and largely because she wasn't eligible for the surgery until she lost a decent amount of weight. I'm not saying it was easy by any means but it can be done. We face so many challenges with the SS and you get through. You can do this.

My daughter’s girlfriend was denied knee replacement because of her weight…around 300. My girlfriend, same weight got surgery from another doctor. I say, ask around and get someone else. Good luck