Feeling fatigued and sick

Hi I’m new to this I was just diagnosed about a week ago but I was trying to see if anyone knows anything for feeling tried and sick at my stomach thanks for any help

Hi pam

You may want to look at the newbie guide. Fatigue is a problem for most of us. Over the last couple of years I have learned to pace myself more and not stress the small things. I do have stomach problems and my doctor put me on medicine for it.

Small meals thru out the day seem to help. Did your doctor give you pamphlets or start you on any meds?

Hi purple butterfly no my Dr didn’t give me anything he just gave me medicine to help with the sjogen and that was it I don’t know anything about this I’m trying to learn as much as I can

The newbie guide is good and we will be adding on to it. Education is good while your finding out but try and remember their are people that will try and take advantage and sell you all kinds of stuff.

Webmd and the mayoclinic sites are also good.

You can post questions here and we will be glad to help you on your new journey.

Thank you purple butterfly I will keep that in mind

Pam what meds has he put you on please? Your profile only mentions exovac (which is the best saliva stimulant and may help years too)

That’s all he put me on

Ok Pam - thanks you say feeling tired and sick.

any other symptoms?

By sick you mean feel like vomiting/throwing up?

Hoe long have you been on exovac?

Dry mouth and eyes my saliva glands are swollen and yes I mean like I’m going to vomit and no matter what I eat or drink I feel like that and I have only been on the meds for 5 days I’m really new to this

OK Pam it is very worrying and scary when things are so new we all go through it until we find out more.

The dryness is the "usual" symptom of SS and a right pain in the A** the exovac should help ( I can't get it in the UK sadly).

It may be that some of the sickness is linked to the exovac and you should have been advised this may be a side effect others include sweating but usually the symptoms subside when you get used to it.

It may also be linked to dry mouth and throat so give the exovac chance to work - it can take a while.

If fatigue and/or joint pains are a problem it may be worth seeing your rheumatologist and discussing the possible use of Plaquenil which can help some people with Auto immune diseases in these areas.

Hope this helps.

Thank you assybish I will talk to my Dr about that

Hi Pam…. pain and fatigue can be a real problem. The others have it covered pretty well but I hope it helps to know that while it may take a little time, relief can be found now that you have a diagnosis. A lot of times it helps to start keeping a symptom diary. Keep track of what you feel, what you were eating or doing when it started,etc. Even things like how you slept can add into the equation. It helps to have a list of symptoms that you can show the doc (since we all forget things when we are in there) and eventually patterns may emerge which will help get to the bottom of what is going on faster. Please keep us posted on how you are doing… it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning.

OK thank you enjoy life I have a appt to see my Dr on Tuesday I’ve been trying to keep things wrote down so I can find out more information on this it is hard when you don’t know nothing abut the diagnosis and very scary like today I past out and don’t know how long I was out I’m alone in the day my husband is at work so now he is really worried about something happen while he is at work

Pam that must have been very scary. I'm glad you have a doc appt coming up soon.

I felt very lost when i was first diagnosed and read everything I could find. Its easy to overwhelm yourself LOL. You will see patterns among the reputable groups.While there are tons of information on the internet I would caution you to stay with the recognized sites…Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, Mayo Clinic, things like that. There is always misinformation out there too so if something sounds extreme or promises cures, etc I'd stay be very wary.