Ever feel 'shriveled up'?

Seems appropriate, huh? I feel like I need to live in a tank of water!


A little. Lately I’m embarrassed by my feet. They are so dry. I have a bump on the bottom of one foot ( probably plantars facitis) and some neuropathy and I’m suppose to see a podiatrist and I’m embarrassed. One of the last times I went the guy was shocked at how dry they are. I get pedicures every two weeks and put cream on almost every night My nighttime routine is so ridiculously lOng sometimes I forget the foot cream. One night without causes my feet to look terrible! Makes me feel old and kinda shriveled.

OOOH NO, Nomad! I have some girlfriends on the Fibro site with PF, and they have told me how terribly painful this is! they do some kind of an exercise with a large towel that helps them with this.