Does anyone know/tried this?

I found this link about healing cavities naturally. I don't have any cavities never had and since being diagnosed with primary Sjogren's really don't want. Wondered if anyone has noticed a difference?

HI Alderney,

Thanks for posting, it's good to hear from you! The link was no longer available, so I googled it and came up with this on oil pulling, is this the info you had in mind?

Hi no it was on how to heal dental cavities naturally by foods eaten, it's on the healthy holistic living site

try this link hope it works.

I've never read anything quite like it before, and though there are many here with natural diets, not sure they have mentioned that cavities were healed. Some members have gone long periods of time without cavities and have all of most of their natural teeth, so maybe something to it?

As a total side note…after hearing so many here talk about oil pulling, I finally started giving it a try this week. I am amazed how clean the mouth feels after that. Cool!

I have seen this debunked in many places. I don't think is is scientifically sound; I discussed it with my dentist. Too bad, as it would be lovely if cavities could heal themselves. I just worry that people may risk abscesses by try to heal their own teeth instead of heading when they should for a dentist.

This is somewhat related, I think…

I’m using the Squiggle Toothpaste as we have discussed here before. BUT, if I have a nice event coming up, for about three days before, I brush my teeth with a teeny tiny bit of toothpaste and a fair amount of baking soda. My teeth always look whiter and brighter after doing this. I might try using coconut oil with it instead of the teeny bit of toothpaste next time. I don’t feel good about using the whitening strips since having SS. I suppose I would if I were going to a once In A lifetime event, I would consider those whitening strips…but generally speaking, just three days of using the baking soda on my toothbrush makes my teeth look very nice.

I’ll look at that article again. I do feel our foods influence our dental health. I think sugar must be awful for our dental health and getting the right nutrients, helpful. Seems many think the coconut oil is helpful.

I’ve been thinking of using the baking soda and coconut oil two days each week as part of my permanent cleaning (and whitening) routine, especially since it likely has some bacteria killing properties AND it whitens teeth. I do find the baking soda a little drying…so doing it “part time,” I think could work nicely for me. Besides, the Squiggle Toothpaste has some helpful ingredients too.