Doctors review update

Went to see docs yesterday both ENT and heart and chest. Both do not feel there is a need for them to be involved at the moment, which is good. Both agreed that I have Sjögrens and been referred to a rheumatologist, who I have heard very good things about but not met yet. Had previously been advised to try and see him by a nurse friend who has 16 years in Rheumatology. So fingers crossed he is as good as his reputation.

Hi Cat, Its good to hear that the specialists feel like you are doing well. I hope the new rheumy is a good match for you also. Please keep us posted and I will definitely have my fingers crossed for you.

I hope he is as good as his reputation. Nurses usually know the doctor they would let treat them or a family member so I hope you have good results with this one. Keep us posted.

You bet, catminder, sounds promising to me! When a nurse recommends, you can count on their word! Here's hoping you have found 'your Doctor'!