I've been wondering about something. I sleep with a CPAP machine. My machine has a humidifier on it. I fill the humidifier with distilled water each night. I use a chin strap, to keep my mouth closed while I sleep. Yet, when I awaken in the morning, my mouth and throat are so terribly, horribly parched that my lips are stuck to my teeth. How is this possible? Does anyone else use a CPAP at night? If so, is your experience similar to mine?

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Welcome to the discussion boards! I'm glad you posted! I have no experience with CPAP, but I think there are some members here who use them, if not I can ask one of our mods on another group (Myositis) who had been wrestling with one for the first time. I think she finally got everything adjusted, and is benefiting from it!

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I use a Cpap as well. It sounds like your humidifier isn’t working correctly. Contact your supplier and have them check it. I also recommend heated tubing from the machine to you. It helps me a great deal.

Hope this helps.

I personally don’t use a cpap but my husband does. He said on his he can adjust the setting for his humidifier. Check setting and see if you can turn it up and the filter to make sure it isn’t plugged as well. I hope you get it figured out so you can find some relief. Good luck!

Good reply Sick&Tired. Didn’t even think about the settings. I’m having problems with mine right now, myself. I need to take mine in to see if they can fix it. Fun, fun.

I’ve used one with a humidifier for over 15 years (actually I’m on my 3rd machine)-- usually your machine is messing up or your mask isn’t working. My experience is the machine itself OR the settings on the machine. My current machine has been fixed for this problem twice!

I use a BiPAP which is similar. I do not use the water. There are times If I sleep with my mouth open that I get that awful dryness. Have you tried Biotene's dry mouth gel for night time use? It's kind of nasty when you first put it in your mouth but it DOES prevent the dried out mouth.

Well, thank everyone kindly for the advice. I have my humidifier set on 7, which is pretty high. The water gets used up by morning, so it's got to be working. And, I sleep with a chin strap on, so I'm not breathing through my mouth. I have tried both the Biotene gel and spray. Neither helped. It must just be this horrible Sjogrens Syndrome.


It sounds like you are using a mouth or full face mask. I use to use the hybrid mask which covered my mouth and had nasal pillows. My ENT told me to change to a nasal mask only! I thought I was being smart thinking the humidifier would help the dry mouth. But the CPAP has so much air that it makes the dry mouth worse even with the humidifier.

Now I have a mask that only has nasal pillows and I love it. I don't have any leaking problems. I still wake up with a dry mouth, but not nearly as bad as before. I have dry nose in addition to dry mouth. I use a nasal gel at night to help with that.

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like Josh, I have a mask that consists only of nasal pillows. When I wake up , I need a drink of water....If my mask has gotten waylaid after a trip to the bath room and I fall asleep without it....when I wake up I need a crow bar to get my mouth tongue is completely glued to the roof of my mouth. I breathe entirely from my mouth if I do not sleep with my mask

Yes, I also use the nasal pillows. I tried the full-face mask at first, but could never get used to it. I want to try that nasal gel you mentioned, though. Thanks!

I use a CPAP at night with my humidifier on the highest setting. I also sleep with a mouth guard; I grind my teeth. I wake up a soaking wet mess! My mask is wet with moisture and I’m sweating.

Do you have your humidifier turned all the way up?

I have my humidifier set at 6 right now. I did have it set higher, but the hose would get so much water in it that it would start making a popping sound each time I inhaled, and wake me up! I grind my teeth, too. As I drift off to sleep each night, I say to myself, "lips together, teeth apart" over and over.

I do not use any water in my BIPAP at all. I would also wake up soaking wet and sometimes my hose would fill with water and I would be sucking in water and practically drowning. I stopped using it and haven't had a problem with it at all. The only time I wake up with "glue-mouth" is when I take the mask off in my sleep and open my mouth while I sleep.

This is frustrating, huh? I feel for you. Have you considered calling the company that supplies the mask? Or calling the sleep lab? Ask them their opinion.

They are the experts; getting paid to help us. I love the Resp Therapist that was assigned to me. She has 30+ years of experience. I even have her cell number.

I just $ an OralB mouth guard. $30 @ Walmart but totally worth it. The bottom 1/2 is tough plastic. I can’t bite thru it.

Do you have a smart phone? I have a SleepMapper app that gives me all my stats from my night’s sleep. But my machine also provides the info.

I kind of have a mouth guard in addition to the CPAP too. Mine have 2 purposes. The main reason the dentist wanted me to have them is to use them to apply fluoride while I sleep. The dry mouth is killing my teeth. As a nice bonus the trays keep me from grinding as much.