Brain fog with dizzy spells

I have been having dizzy spells at random times about once a month. Sometimes I will just be standing still and it will come on. Other times, I will be sitting. I notice that major brain fog happens in conjunction with these episodes. The dizziness may last a few minutes, but the brain fog will continue for a while after. The dizziness is more of a disequilibrium or off balance feeling. I’ve been checked out for everything and no cause for this has been determined. Does anyone else experience this? Thank you!

Yes, I know exactly what you are speaking of. It happens to me from time to time but I hate the brain FOGS, I feel so silly when it happens. The dizziness I just slowly sit down for a few and relax. Sometimes I lay down as well. Take it easy and relax.

I definitely have something that I would describe like this,. It happened from time to time but one afternoon I had an 'episode' when I was driving my car. It really scared me. Turned out to be an adverse effect of a medication I was on for high blood pressure. The med has been changed and I've been dizzy spell free since. So my advice would be to have a think and make sure the dizziness can't be attributed to medication before thinking they are your Sjogren's. I don't have SS but do have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia so plenty of brain fog :-(

Orthostatic hypertension, or postural hypertension, is a medical condition consisting of a sudden increase in blood pressure when a person stands up.[1] Orthostatic hypertension is diagnosed by a rise in systolic blood pressure of 20 mmHg or more when standing. Orthostatic diastolic hypertension is a condition in which the diastolic raises to 98 mmHg or over in response to standing;[2][3] however, this definition currently lacks clear medical consensus and is thus subject to change. Orthostatic hypertension involving the systolic is known as systolic orthostatic hypertension.

I got this after several years on low dose prednisone. Mine comes with or without Brain fog.

Thank you for your post! I will ask my PCP about this. Is there any medication for orthostatic hypertension? Can it be treated?

Not that I know of. You just have to be aware of it and change position slowly and see how you feel. Blood pressure is usually lower in the morning. That’s when I notice it the most.