Bad teeth

I have lost all my back teeth from Sjogrens and trying to save the front. Had to cap the upper front teeth but now my lower teeth are breaking because they are all I have to chew on. With dry mouth I can't wear my partials. My dental insurance is through medicaid/medicare so they don't cover much. I don't know what to do. I do not want to become toothless..

I say this because I’m going the same way. I think dentures are the only way to look normal for some of us. Dentists do financing now and dental work if done won’t stay in long. It’s a sad fact of this disease.

Well most of us cannot wear dentures because of the dryness. Also my income on disability is only$849.00 a month cant affordto finance anything. Most of us can't afford to finance or pay for inplants or caps etc. Until Medicare/Medicaid can see that teeth loss from Sjogrens is a medical problem that needs to be covered.

I am fearful of this also. I am currently experiencing cavities due to the extreme dry mouth. I am so sorry it had taken that toll on you guys. I may be in this boat myself. We need better plans to cover these issues in a more realistic and reasonable fashion. The financial impact of autoimmune diseases is not discussed enough. One entire weeks pay goes directly to just my medications. That doesn’t include co-pays etc.
This could get me going on a looooong RANT; but I will spare you that.

Best wishes.

Yes you are right.. I have other autoimmune diseases and just diagnosed with Parkinsons. The thought of having no teeth really upsets me. I got partials but they won't stay in my mouth and dentist says they were a waste of money. I don't have any idea what or how to get this problem heardor who to take it to. I guess we will have to make no teeth the new in thing so we will fit in. LOL just kidding. It really is not funny it is sad.

It IS sad. And ridiculous that there isn’t a better plan or options for us. Really good topic. SAD, but good.

People don’t take autoimmune diseases very seriously… If you live with an aggressive form of the disease you know truth.
Glad I ran into all of you. This is a problem no one talks about and the dentists make money off it.

I actually just had a dentist appointment for two cavities in one tooth I thought for certain would be the next one to crack and be pulled (just following the pattern in my mouth). Over the past 10 years I've had so many teeth worked on/pulled I'm more than sick of it all. I know dentures are expensive and with dry mouths will be incredibly uncomfortable- but the dental repairs are expensive as well.

Dentists are correct- our natural teeth are important and repairs are healthier than pulling, but they sure do get rich off of us no matter how well we clean our teeth. Personally I'd just like a little bit more sympathy and perhaps some cost reduction.

Yes something needs to be done for us who have no way to pay for the work needed. Most cannot wear dentures because of fit problems with dry mouth. I have medicare and they won't pay to repair cracked or broken teeth unless they have cavities. I just have front teeth now and it is hard to eat and I am trying to keep them as long as I can.. I wish you the best.

I so know this problem. I have only 3 teeth on the top. When I was working I paid for a couple of implants just so I had front teeth but I can’t pay now. I hate dental work…

I didn’t know that my tooth problems were from Sjogrens. I’ve had a cavity, a root canal and a tooth pulled within the last year. I’ve asked my Rheumatologist about what kind of dentist to see and he is suggesting a clinic at the University of North Carolina. It’s another 2 hour ride for me but I may look into it as I am already feeling like I’ve got another cavity coming on. Have any of you tried the oil pulling for this?

I’ve heard of oil pulling. You can do a search here and it has definitely come up before. Personally I have not done it. I have been lucky with my teeth and they have been not a significant problem.

Thanks, Stoney. I tried it. I had an allergic reaction to the coconut oil, which I’ve not had an allergy to before. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.