Autoimmune/ Anti-inflammatory Diet

I figured I’d bring up the Autoimmune/anti-inflammatory diet topic again.

Which diet are you personally following (if any)?
Have you been able to stick with it?
Have you noticed a difference ?

I tried a dairy free, soy free, gluten free diet many years ago. For me, I noticed no difference at all. Have you tried such a diet and had any success?

I started the Autoimmune Protocol diet recently. I am horrible at following diets. I feel like logically, staying away from processed stuff and sugars is the way to go anyways, but there are SOOOO many restrictions on the AIP diet. I will try it for a month to see if it helps. The hardest part for me will be the no coffee, and, I am such a picky eater anyways. It is hard to find sauces or salad dressing that has no sugar or vegetable oil or dairy in it. I have been heavily researching recipes on Pinterest and they all look really good. It’s just more effort than I’ve ever had to put into eating. But, if it will help I am willing to try it.

A month is a good period of time to try out the auto immune protocol. Let us know how your do on it.