Being just diagnosed with Sjogrens, I know VERY LITTLE about it. However, for a couple weeks, I have had a painful itchy rash and tenderness on my left armpit. It seriously feel like ito burning. Blaaahhhhh. Does anything know if this has a connection??


I’ve had SS and RA for years and I do get rashes sometimes. One time I had a rash on my left arm for months and went too several dermatologists and they had no idea what was causing it. I always felt it was due to my immune system.

I would go to the GP for this. There are a few possibilities that you should have ruled out, especially with tenderness.

I've had lupus and sjogren's for years and this is what I do for myself.

1. Reaction to deodorant and soap? I have to keep scaling down the soap and using baby soap right now.

2. Like yeast rash, etc. Use the OTC stuff you use for yeast rashes in groin. Our pH changes seem to change with autoimmune stuff.

3. Wash and keep dry. Use no product until it goes away, Can use OTC cortisone ointment or cream.

4. If it doesn't start to get better, or at least feel better, in a week, then I go to the GP.

This doesn't take place of going to the doctor.

A good place to start learning about Sjogren's.

A good place to start learning about Sjogren's.

I go through stages where I have itchy arm pits. Drives me crazy, I thought it was due to my choice of deodorant, but switching brands had no effect. generally no rash was present, occasionally a pimple or two during these episodes. I have chalked it up to my sjogrens as I can’t find any other explanation. The only relief I have found for this, during these episodes, I wash my armpits with just water and a soft cloth and avoid deodorant for a few days (if possible), then the next time I use it, it doesn’t itch. This is not a constant problem for me, but when it happens it last for a few days at a time. If you have found any solution since your original post, I would love to hear about it.

Hi MaryLou😊
I found out quickly that was I was experiencing was in fact shingles.
Obviously, with sjogrens being a glandular disorder, it can effect
armpits. Definitely go get checked out for shingles. If your doctor
doesn’t find that you have that virus, you may need to try and upped dose
of methotrexate and/or prednisone. Good luck!!

Thank you Keara M for the info. Will definitely look into this. I don’t get a rash, it just itches and occasionally I have a little red pimple or two when it happens. I did have a weird rash breakout a few years ago, and though it was chicken pox (which I had as a child, but that’s what it looked like) thought it was shingles, so went to the DR and it wasn’t. But with Sjogrens, in my experience, comes many weird things that can’t be explained by doctors and are not always explained in sjogrens materials. But I truly feel, that although not everything I experience is related to sjogrens, many things are and being that no person’s immune system is the same as someone else’s it makes it frustrating to wrap this all up in a little box and treat it. All this weird stuff has almost become a joke for me, "just chalking it up to SJS, even though it’s not funny!


I get where you are coming from completely. After being diagnosed with
sjogrens, I was soon thereafter diagnosed with RA and Lupus. All of the
craziness that attaches to these things can really bring on the unknown.
Have faith and stay positive…and if you ever need anything, please feel
free to send me a friend request. Good luck!

Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts. I am a positive person for the most part. but like everyone with a chronic illness, frustrated at times. But I have many blessings in my life and much support from my husband and kids, so for the most part, can deal with this in a positive manner. I look forward to getting to know you better and share ideas.