Aqua stone humidifier? Anyone familiar with this?

I saw this on a TV ad tonight, anyone have one/tried one?

No. Never heard of it till now. How great would that be if it truly worked! Wish that there were some reviews on the site. Can’t wait to hear if anyone’s tried it.


I'm curious too.....By the same token, I wonder if those Zen rock garden waterfalls do the same thing. Heaven knows they hold moisture. LOL

I have one of the water falls and it works wonderfully.

I just ordered 2. On a different site that was cheaper, buy one get one free (but extra shipping charges). I found it at My total bill was $28.97. Funky site that you have to bear with, but it was worth it. You also got a free diffuser set. Anyway, I figured it was worth a shot, because as we all know, there's never enough humidity in the house! I'll let you all know if they're awesome or if I just wasted 29 bucks!

Hi Lovey,

Hope it works like magic! I'm certainly interested in hearing about this!

Looks so neat! I already run a total of 3 steam humidifiers in my bedroom with attached bath, and that’s not enough for me. One is right next to my bed. I would need a stone the size of my room to do any good I fear. Reminds me of a terra cotta pot…

Ellen Schnakenberg

Hey PB...thanks. They are pretty, relaxing and if they do the job, great. Sounds like an addition to the new home. Yay!

Hey Lovey,

Tell us what you think, is this a hit or miss?