A1c test results -- Sjogren's related?

Does anyone else here test at least pre-diabetic on an A1c test? I keep testing that way, and I was wondering if this could be related to Sjogrens since all my other ailments seem to be. The kind I have, though, looks to be Type 3 -- which they are now saying is Alzheimers! Even just testing pre-diabetic with this starts the forgetfulness. But I've read a lot that it can be stopped, and the earlier the better.

My glucose level is fine in my blood so that's why it looks like Type 3 to my doctor.

Does anyone else test high on their A1c blood test?

They should probably follow up with a four hour fasting glucose tolerance test. That will give them a better picture. The Hba1c is an average, so it only gives so much information.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Kaz, thanks so much for the good explanation and the links. My AC1 test a year ago was 5.7, 6 months late -- 5.5, and now - 5.9. But my blood glucose is right in the middle of the range which is pretty good so this is just a possibility it's my brain which can't do the insulin thing. However, I have read a lot about this being a good thing to catch early and fix by natural means. I'm pretty sure I'm in no way Type 2 -- I've always not been able to gain much weight and right now I'm only 89 pounds due to the SS attack on my stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, and intestines. I stay away from sugar as much as I can. But my doctor will talk more with me about other things I am eating that I should be staying away from for this. My sister also has the same type of AC1 test with the glucose being fine so maybe we inherited this type of thing then.

Actually, at this article:


It reads ...Additionally, researchers determined that a drop in insulin production in the brain contributes to the degeneration of brain cells, an early symptom of Alzheimer's. "These abnormalities do not correspond to Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, but reflect a different and more complex disease process that originates in the CNS (central nervous system)," the paper states....(end of quote)

And Sjogrens can affect the central nervous system. There's a FB Sjogren's group, and there appears to be quite a few people on there who have the SS affect on their nervous system so maybe, therefore, SS could be responsible for causing the newly-discovered 'Type 3' diabetes. Just surmising....