A sign of weakness

We kept our 8 month old granddaughter over night, and is she ever STRONG! Or could it be that I have become that weak, a bit of both perhaps?

Though I don't consider my hands, wrists, and arms to be my worst area, it was difficult to handle her jumping and thrashing about as I held her, or carried her. She's a chunky one, but not unusually so. It has to be my own weakness.

It may be time for some strenghtening exercises!

What are your signs of weakness?

SK, it sounds to me like your granddaughter got really feisty! I think anyone would have struggled with that because they weigh a good amount at that age. It could be a little of both -- but also, she was moving and thrashing about so I'd say most of it was her. I can lift my 25-lb water bottle because I can get a grip and steady myself -- and it stays still. But it that bottle was moving all over the place, oy, I wouldn't be able to do it. You can do some exercises, though, if you want. Even with my weight loss, I notice that I can still keep my muscles (so far!) strong in my arms by the things I need to lift and carry a distance.


I think some of my signs of weakness are carrying really heavy bags of groceries that are more than 20 lbs.

To work on arm strength I was in PT for several months where we used the exercise bands to strenghten

the arms. I would start with the red or orange. Note that these are not the rubber type bands these are flat

and stretchy. I believe you buy them by the foot. You can get them at achology in Santa Monica. I think they

have a website.


MIne seems to be more about getting winded faster. I can start out doing what I always did but the power drains pretty quick. If I had to pick one thing though, I would say grabbing….fine motor movements, I have a hard time properly grabbing and holding on to small things. Big or heavier objects are actually easier.

I know only too well how you feel. I have an active 8 month old granddaughter as well and though I don’t have too much trouble holding her, I get completely exhausted when I have to lift her up much or carry her anywhere. As long as I’m sitting I’m ok but my back and legs give out way too soon. I tried taking water aerobics but being out in the sun so much, even with lots of sunscreen, had not helped my skin one bit. It did seen to help with my energy level as long as I had enough to get myself there in the first place. Lol I have missed a lot more days than I wanted. I have one more week of them and hope I’ll be able to make it through. I can’t do as much as the others in the class as I tire out so quickly but at least I’m trying. I’ve had both knees replaced and there vertebra on my neck and my big toe fused all because of lack of cartilage and one knee starting to act up again. My body seems to dislike cartilage for some reason. Don’t know if it’s from the Sjogrens, Lupus or Fibromyalgia that’s causing it.

I always tell them to bring her stroller, and I got her a walker that locks in place, which seemed like a brilliant idea! These are a better idea than trying to carry her as I fear falling with her or dropping her when she jumps around!

We went to the hospital when she was first born to see her, my mom took one look at her and told me she would be into everything and be a real handful! Ha! Wisdom and experience speak! She's a beautiful child, but strong as an ox! LOL! Having some Carpal Tunnel, and a lot of arthritis doesn't help this situation either, but I want to be part of her life, just have figure out how to do things differently, and consider doing some body building! ha!

Yes, I always have to tell them to keep the grocery bags light, very light, and make sure my husband is here to drag them in!

I hear that....we have PeaPod. It has been the biggest blessing for me.

I'm not sure if our local grocery store has delivery, but if so, I see it in my future! This is a great service!

We were fortunate just to get a store, I'm out here in the cow pastures and crop fields, so it's a blessing just to have the store!

LOL....my parents only got FedEx 2 years ago. And the post office there still closes early on Wed. (prayer meeting day). Non-cluttered small towns have their own blessings. I love being down there. Here, we trip over strip malls if we turn around too fast. PeaPod's fee isn't too much and the prices aren't terrible. I live in an apartment that is around the back of the building and upstairs so it has become a necessity, especially in the winter.