Lately I have been so sensitive to smells I feel like a dog. I can "smell" another person, animal, food, stench at quite a distance (10 feet). When I ask a friend if they can smell something that I smell, they say no. I usually smell stinky things and go around spraying odor control because the stinky smells make me sick to my stomach.

Does any one have this overly sentive nose from the Sjogren's?

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Hello USAgurl,

You mainly have this issues with epilepsy that's how we know seizures are going to happen but you've brought a good point up because sometimes i have these issues thinking a seizure will happen when it does'nt always.

Well i have been looking this issue up and yes besides affecting our taste just affect our smell but it usually become decreased and these other condtions form with sjogren's....(hyposmia) and (anosmia).

I have always been like that.

I used to have very sensitive sense of smell....but no longer.....but I have had Sjogrens for over 30 I'm fortunate to smell much of anything. It's a very bland world......

OMG!!! I thought that it was just ME!! Actually, I didn't know that it was from the sjogren's. I'm smelling stuff like you. It's just stinky stuff. Why can't the smells be like cookies baking in the oven? :)  I'm kinda freaking out because I can't trust my nose anymore.

Well i suffer from smells through my epilepsy but more have got frequent just thanks both of you now i know where these extra smells are coming from and i find it very annoying :)

I am the same way, my daughter always says I should work for the FBI because I can smell everything.  

Yes I can relate to smell issues also...right now I would love to taste anything...baked potatoes feel like oatmeal in my thing after another right?  


I found this Link which mention's about smells and other issues besides :)

Dry mouth feels like a mouth full of cotton. It’s difficult to swallow, speak, and taste. Your sense of smell can change, and you may develop a dry cough. Also, because you lack the protective effects of saliva, dry mouth increases your chances of developing cavities and mouth infections.

Yes, I am so sensitive that the smell can be outside & I'm the only one who detects it. Can't stand lotions, perfumes, a woman's make up if she leans over to kiss me. I am constantly cleaning in & around the toilet bowls as the smell of urine is always there for me. Can't stand the smells of cleaning products, so I add a bit of white vinegar, some old cheap shampoo & baking soda ,instead. When one of my daughters comes to see us she cleans them with real stuff, closes the door & opens the window. How about when you are outside for a walk? I know when someone has had a chemical spray applied to the lawn - cross the street, fumes from cars are bad but fumes from a truck - I feel as if I need to wear a gas mask! Now the smell of food cooking is still enjoyable to me.  And so it goes, learning to live with Sjogren's...

Starbright i know's so weird how it affects we and half the time with smells, i'm not sure if i'm going to have a seizure or not. lol

We were at a lovely store that sells beautiful home goods.  I spotted a chair I loved, and my Mother bought it for me for Christmas.  Once I got it home, where it was much warmer, there was such a strong scent to the chair that it made me ill.  Even my husband could not take it.  We had to take the chair back.  It was as though someone had poured 10 bottles of cheap perfume on it.  So no fabric from that store again, I'll have to stick to things that cannot absorb the scents of the store, there were candles and bowls of liquid scents, but there were strong fans on so I did not notice it in the store, but when I brought it into my little house it was just too much. 

I use soaps and many other products that are plant based and scent free, I only wear perfume on special occasions, and use it very sparingly. 

Think about all of the products we use that are scented, soaps, lotions, makeup, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, styling gels and setting lotions, laundry soap, fabric softener, perfume.  How many conflicting odors do most people wear daily?  Too many for me!

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