Anybody willing to share what homeopathic methods they have used to treat any of the symptoms of Sjogrens?

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Homeopathic Remedies & Homeopathy Treatment for Sjogren's syndrome

Some homeopathic medicines that have shown positive results in Sjogren's syndrome or which cover the symptom picture well are:

Nux-m, Tub, Tub-m, Silica, Brass-n-o, Lapr, Pert-vc, Dulcamara, Antim-crud, Cuprum, Fl-acid, Puls

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc.

HI Kayrn, 

I  have never been to a Homepathic Doctor, so I can offer no help there, but of the info available on the net, it lists all of the very same things.  

I  hope you find this helpful, and hope that someone can tell you of their success with this treatment.

Wishing you well, 


One of my docs, a neuro, is quickly studying all things holistic. He told me to go gluten free years ago before it was fashionable. He is being ostracized by most other docs here. He told me to take NAC. This helps the body produce glutathione. Glutathione helps to prevent cancer. He wanted me to take 600 mg daily, but after my Sj. S DX he upped it to 1200 daily, which is very large. I also take (on my own) Bromelain as an antioxidant as well as a Multi.
A couple if other neuro is also big on optimizing D3 and B12 intake. I supplement.

Re: sleep
I've had insomnia lately. I haven't even had a chance to tell any of my docs this yet, but if I take Source Naturals Sublingual Melatonin 1 mg tablets...just one or at most 2 tabs, I sleep well. I chew the tablet (s). I've never had any luck with Melatonin before but chewing this tablet helps me a great deal and I Do NOT wake up sleepy! a wonderful new discovery!

You're right Nomad, this is a wonderful discovery!  We are useless without proper sleep.  My Rheum told me that is where the 'brain fog' comes from, being in chronic pain, and lack of proper sleep, from being in chronic pain'.

I seems as though D3 and B12 are deficiencies from the Fibromyalgia world, through the world of all autoimmunes, it may not be every single person, but it seems to be a common problem.  

My GP did extensive tests on my vitamin status, but they came up clear, keep in mind that my Chiro had already put me on good pharmaceutical grade vitamins years before.  

The neurologist I went to worked within these lines too, but after many visits and expensive tests, he could only give me a diagnosis of 'Stiff', which was a total insult to me and my general practitioner who sent me there!  You have one who is working well for you, hang on to that one!  

Glad the melatonin is working for you!  

That dx of "stiff" would have infuriated me as well. This neuro also wants to check my vitamin A. I actually have two neuros!!!! A traditional one and this holistic one who everyone thinks is nuts....but I appreciate his looking at things differently. Other cities have more docs like him, but even though we are a major city, we are limited that way. Actually, I think he would prefer the term "functional" medicine. I haven't been to a chiropractor. When you have a moment, please comment on how those tx's might be helpful. Many thanks...the info here has been helpful and comforting!

Sorry Nomad, I didn't catch what you wanted me to comment on.  Please run that by me again?

Thanks SK and Nomad for all the information! You have given me a lot of information to get me started. After my last very unproductive visit with my rheum, I am trying to decide if I should pursue a specialist in Sjogrens at Duke University or see a local physician, Dr. Stone who specializes in integrated natural medicine. Any thoughts?? Nomad, can you give me an idea of how much Vitamin D3 and B12 someone with both fibro and Sjogrens should take? I typically run low on both.'s+syndrome.aspx?diseaseid=1573&diseasename=Sjogren%27s+syndrome

Look what I just got a hit on, when I 'googled' vitamins for Sjogren's.  I think I put a discussion on evening primrose oil on the natural healing group. 

I think one of your Doctors should check the D3 and B12 on blood tests to determine just how much D3 and B12 you need. As the last thing you need is too much of it, I'm really not sure you can get too much or how it might affect you, that really should be discussed with one of your physicians.  

Karyn, I can look up what the recommended dose of each is, that way you are at least taking the minimum.

Gee, I think you have 2 great choices, I'm not really sure which I would take, perhaps even speak to both, and ask them what they have to offer?

I just watched that video about the whey that was interesting. I might consider trying that, or at least talking to Dr. Stone about the concept!
Yes, I'm not sure of the numbers he is looking for re D3 and B 12, BUT unlike other docs who would be fine with mid line numbers, he prefers numbers high within the "normal" range. I can tell you that since doing this I am mega resistant to depression. Also, some say US requirements for B12 are on the low side compared to many other countries. So it makes sense to seek a higher number within the range. He likes Methyl. B12. I'm abbreviating as Methyl. Is short for a long word....
SK... Was seeking more info on chiropractic. Thank you.
BTW...I've gotten more info in the last few days on SS here than I've gotten in the last few years (since my dx) from all my doctors!!!!! Remember, my rheumie told me it was nothing more than a pain ITA...

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